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Our inventory is comprised of games from the past and game of the present. FunBash carry many exclusive jumbo size games you will find nowhere else on the planet. CHECKERS . SORRY . JENGA . DOMINOS . PERFECTIONAIR HOCKEY . POOL . CONNECT FOUR . SHUT THE DOOR OPERATION . MONOPOLY . BATTLE SHIP . SCRABBLE, GAME OF LIFE . CARD GAME . SKULLY, ROCK’EM SOCK’EM . MANALA CHESS . UNO . BACKGAMMON . SPADES . HEARTS . CONNECT FOUR . SORRY . XBOX 360 . PS4 and many more!

Here Are Some FUNBASH Event Ideas

One Off Events

FunBash is a creative way of making your event memorable. Hate to see people just standing around? We’ll ignite their entertaining needs with our exciting games.

Weekly Events

Great for Clubs Restaurants and Lounges looking for something different for their patrons. FunBash! Can be executed once a week or once a month. memorable and entertaining experience.

Church Function

Funbash will work with churches to plan a great day of games for families and church members

Senior Citizens Events

Elderly seniors also love to play games and with our cool jumbo games that are great on their eyes, FunBash will bring back that youthful feeling.

Store Opening

Tired of the same old ideas for opening a store? We will work with you to create your own custom grand opening FunBash! Event. Create some cool games that will have your attendees loving every minute of being at your store. They will certainly have a memorable and entertaining experience.

School Functions

Want to see kids have a lot of fun interacting with one another? Bring FunBash to your next School event and watch your kids really enjoy themselves.

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