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Brooklyn Community Organization Silver Foxes, a non for profit Senior based organization in collaboration with United Healthcare and the office of Brooklyn District 41, Council member
Darlene Mealy will be bringing an exciting and unique campaign into the Brooklyn community this holiday season called the 2016 SENIOR GIFT DRIVE.

The concept of this campaign is to identify and select 10 senior center sites within Brooklyn District 41 to create 10 Holiday Senior Appreciation Events to provide gifts donated by several
community outlets to the Seniors participating at the centers. All centers will provide a date between December 1st and December 21st to be allocated for the Holiday Senior Appreciation
Event. They will also provide a list of all senior participants from each center so all gifts can be . personalized and distributed the day of the event. United Healthcare will provide the planning, management and delivery of the events on the selected dates and sites. United Healthcare will also provide the following resources and


Staffing for event coverage and gift drive distribution
Music – guest DJ
Giveaways and premiums
Water and healthy snacks
Funbash vendor – Giant board games
Spa Expectations – Spa Wellness setup with massages
Personalized gifts for senior participants

Selected stores, pharmacies, and community organizations will be targeted for gift drops and donations throughout Brooklyn. United Healthcare internal staff will also participate on the gift
drive to donate and collect gifts by setting up gift drop locations throughout United Healthcare storefront offices in New York City area. Our goal is to provide a great series of wellness events
and holiday cheer to the community and to our beloved seniors of Brooklyn District 41.

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